Homeschooling update. Homeschooling today consisted of skyping with Grandpa and Grandma, making a paper Christmas tree and sticking tissue paper wisps all over it for snow, a language arts lesson, playing with the bunny, making a cloth doll for her doll, reading Daggie Dogfoot.

While all of that was going on I ordered some Christmas gifts online.  Is anyone else as far behind with Christmas preparations as I am? I haven’t sent cards yet, but have purchased the cards. I want to enclose a family photo but haven’t actually taken the photo yet… It has been hard to get the three of us home at the same time.

Nevertheless, Christmas will come and we will be ready or not. If  nothing else we will all have lots of Stollen! I bought a big, yummy, powdered-sugary loaf of Stollen at the German Embassy Bazaar and that is ready to go. So if nothing else we can gather around the tree, have a bottle of Great Wall wine and our Stollen and wish each other a Very Merry.