All the hard work at the weekly practices and extra solo and dance practices at Ms. Carol’s house culminated in an impressive Spring Concert!

 Kaylen is fourth from the left in the front.


The Chantarelles sang nine songs, featuring four selections from High School Musical. Kaylen and Sven sang a duet in the High School Musical song The Start of Something New. They both did great. The peformance was a very ambitious undertaking for the director and the singers – lots of two-part harmony, a song in Latin, the fairly difficult High School Musical material – challenging melodies, syncopated rhythms, etc. – and a dance number too.

High school musical

Kaylen getting ready to sing her duet with Sven:


 Kaylen was very nervous about her duet but she overcame her nervousness and gave the impression, at least, of being very relaxed – she smiled a lot, danced around a bit, looked at Sven like she was supposed to, stayed on key, and was very expressive. I am proud of her and she should be proud of herself.

In the last number they all had to do the dance steps and sing the chorus. They had two older girls leading them in the dance number. Surprisingly, it came off quite well, considering they only had a couple weeks to learn the dance.