The high barometric pressure of the past two days has me feeling in good spirits. It is sunny but there is a cool breeze blowing through the house. Great days to do laundry as everything on the line dries in a couple hours. Breezes are blowing all the pollution away. These days are rare in Taipei.

Tonight we are going to see a show put on by the If Theatre Group called 1234567.  They do good musical shows for kids – interesting stories, high quality production and not too cutesy. There is nothing worse than a bunch of stuffed animals on the stage screaming “Da jia hao!” We have seen three shows put on by If in the past and they were all very different and all good.

It feels good to have an event planned for Friday night. We have nearly stopped making Friday night plans because there is always a class or we are too tired. But I have cleared the schedule and we are going to a performance tonight! Well, Kaylen and I are going, that is. Daddy has to work his usual 15 hour day. Kaylen and I will take showers and get ready, then head into Taipei early and have dinner somewhere. Then our friends Hsiuchi and Eevie are meeting us there, and maybe we will go out for cake after the show…