Totoro puzzle

Kaylen has graduated to the small piece puzzles and recently completed a 300 piece puzzle of Totoro. She had some help from me as well as her friend Eevie and her cousin Yirong. On Saturday night Kaylen and I stayed up until midnight working on the puzzle. We couldn’t stop ourselves! On Sunday Kaylen and Yirong finished it and on Monday Kaylen wanted to rush out and buy another Studio Ghibli puzzle. Luckily, we found some at the Hands Tailung Craft Store at the Breeze Center in Taipei.  She started working on it last night. This one is a picture of Mei.

Kaylen learned some great ‘puzzling’ strategies like sorting all the dark blue pieces by the numer of heads on each piece. It really exercises your brain to distinguish fine differences in hue and shape. Everyone should have a nice, big puzzle going that the whole family can pour over when they have time.